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By volunteer dedication, we are committed to making a difference in the unacceptably high number of homeless animals by fundraising, providing education and training for youth and adults. Honoring the amazing human and animal bond that continues to make this world a better and more humane place. 

Although we are not a rescue where we physically take in animals for adoption we work closely with our local animals shelters and rescues to help save many homeless animals lives, we have created various programs from helping our local Assisted Senior Living Facilities with providing food and medical for their beloved pets, Low Cost Spay/Neuter program, we do a TNR (trap,neuter,release) of various colonies of unadoptable feral cats to help keep population down, Kimberly Saxelby the President of P.A.W. Love has been doing street rescue of abandoned dogs and cats for over 15 years and fundraises to help with their medical, supplies etc. and finds local rescues to take them so they can find their forever loving homes. 


Kimberly Saxelby is a volunteer animal rescuer and President of P.A.W. Love. She has been going  out on the street for years to rescue stray dogs and cats, abandoned baby squirrels and rabbits, or any other creature that needs help. She takes no compensation for her tireless efforts. She needs your help to fund these often expensive rescues. Through P.A.W. Love, your tax-deductible donations to this page will go directly and only to pay vet bills, care for Kimberly's strays, and the various programs we are supporting to help our surrounding communities.
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